Providing Quality Software and Service to the Utility Industry Since 1999

Company Profile

InsightAtlast, LLC was formed in February 1999 as a collaboration of two consulting firms – Insight Info, Inc. and Atlast Solutions, Inc. Its mission is to create high-quality, flexible software products that are affordable to the small to mid-sized Utility market, and to provide clients with outstanding support services. 

Leading the helm are partners Tim Fischer and Alan Thomsen. Together Fischer and Thomsen have over 40 years of Utility Industry experience and an unsurpassed level of technical expertise. Their background has enabled them to forge relationships with some of the most proficient IT talent available, ensuring successful projects and satisfied clients.


Fischer and Thomsen worked together in the mid 1990s at Bend, Oregon based Orcom Solutions, Inc. (now Vertex Business Services). During that time, they supported Orcom's Classic product line, and went on to lead the development of their E-CIS package, a customer information system that continues to enjoy success in the Utility marketplace

While they each left Orcom in 1997 to establish their individual companies, the two found themselves in frequent contact. They began writing software packages designed to enhance the productivity of E-CIS. Service Order Scheduler, the genesis of what has evolved into SOSMobile, was one of these packages.  By 1999, the former colleagues formalized their relationship by founding InsightAtlast to serve as the development arm of their two corporations.