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Client Testimonials

"Increased efficiency since implementing SOSMobile is reflected in our bottom line. Field personnel quickly accepted the new technology and the support provided by InsightAtlast is unsurpassed."
  • Scott Crocker
    Field Services Manager
    Vermont Gas Systems, Inc.

Midwest-Testimonial"SOSMobile’s design is logical, easy to set up, and very stable. With its simple screens and wizards, it allows our service techs to spend more time completing orders rather than getting bogged down with data entry. Further, InsightAtlast’s support is fantastic."
  • Annie Schmidtberger
    Software Technology Specialist
    Midwest Energy, Inc.

Western-Testimonial“SOSMobile has been an integral component to the success of our AMI project. Meter installs are proceeding WAY faster than anticipated, and a huge part of that is due to InsightAtlast’s product and support.”
  • Craig Cramer
    Manager of Information Systems
    Western Cooperative Electric Association

“InsightAtlast has been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs. They willingly incorporated our suggestions – making their iPad app even more user-friendly for our techs and easing their transition from a paper process. SOSMobile is proving to be a great investment!”
  • Bobby Wells
    VP of Information Technology
    Roanoke Gas

“SOSMobile easily schedules orders in our Call Center, applying complex utility business rules – like scheduling particular order types in specific territories on certain days. It’s a stable and consistent application that helps keep our operation running smoothly.”

  • Kevin Patterson
    General Manager Client Services
    Vertex Business Services

“SOSMobile allowed us to automate many of the tasks we’d been tracking manually. And it gave our work crews access to inventory files and other information in the field. It was affordable and well worth the investment!”

  • Kevin Kelly
    General Manager
    Groton Electric Light Department

“Customer service is a top priority at NW Natural. SOSMobile allows us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in the area of field service. It provides the functionality we need to schedule nearly 100,000 service orders annually for our service techs throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington."

  • Jacob Martin
    Enterprise Applications Development Manager
    NW Natural

"SOSMobile has granted us a real-time view of service requests, and the ability to ensure our customers receive timely service. Without it, we would revert back to failures in service and high customer complaints. There’s no turning back from SOSMobile!"

  • Paul Flores
    Customer Service Manager
    Lee County Utilities